Dress Paintings by Robin

The Work of Robin Bersinger

Robin Bersinger has always lived in a house full of paint and canvas. First, her mother Libby encouraged her eye and supported her pursuit of an artist’s life. Trained formally at the Kansas City Art Institute, Robin completed her education at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and went on to become a prolific painter. She has deeply Southern roots, having been born in Arkansas and spent her early career there as Robin Luster. 

To keep her artistic life afloat in Arkansas, she ran her own consignment shop, Cotton Pickin’, and later taught middle school art in the hot-seat of Arkansas politics, Little Rock, for ten years. Now a South Carolinian, her love of fashion and painting have melded into large pieces that incorporate clothes adhesed to the canvas in scenes that tell stories of her own imagination. Bersinger’s work is a magical combination of realism, whimsy, and cross-cultural life for blacks and whites.
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Four Dancers by Robin Bersinger, 2014